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75 gallon goldfish bowl... er, reef tank

Est. 06-02-2003 - Up and running, off and on, since 1996, as a 29 gallon tank. The contents of the original 29g were moved from there to this 75g in December 2003.

Inhabitants -


Given name "Common" name Genus species Date added to system Sex
Walter Yellow (coris) Wrasse Halichoeres chrysus August 2003 -
Bub Brazilian Royal Gramma Gramma brasilensis September 2003 -
Spike Yellow Nose goby Strongobiopsis nematodes October 2003 F?
Queen Yasha Yasha Goby Strongobiopsis yasha April 2004 F
"little dog that follows Spike" Yasha Goby Strongobiopsis yasha December 2003 Juv
Cross-dresser Social Wrasse Cirrhilabrus rubriventralis January 2004 F->M
Red Red Scooter Blenny Synchiropus stellatus January 2004 F
Homer Lawnmower Blenny Salarias fasciatus February 2004 -
Oscar Flame angel Centropyge loriculus March 30, 2004 M
YNG #4 Yellow Nose Goby Strongobiopsis nematodes March 30, 2004 M
Wilma Hi-fin (tiny) Blenny Emblemaria pandionis Killed by Heater POP F
Spot Red Scooter Blenny Diplogrammus goramensis Killed by Heater POP M
Molly Lawnmower Blenny Salarias fasciatus * Not dead - just returned -
YNG #2 Yellow Nose Goby Strongobiopsis nematodes Starved - was mate to Spike F
YNG #3 Yellow Nose Goby Strongobiopsis nematodes Bullied to death by Spike M
YNG #5 Yellow Nose Goby Strongobiopsis nematodes March 30, 2004 F
Dash Brown-cheeked Blenny Acanthemblemaria crockeri [ref.] November 2003 -


Corals (Other) Inverterbrates Plants and Algae
various zoanthids (Zoanthus sp.) Cleaner shrimp Halimeda sp. (at least 2 sp.)
"Blue elongata" (Xenia sp.) Pink sand-feeding cuke "Disk" Caluerpa sp.
"Pink pom-pom" (Xenia sp.) Filter-feeding sand cuke (2) "Red tear-drop bubble algae"
"Encrusting xenia" (Xenia sp.) "Emerald" crab (Mithrax sp.) "Red feather algae"
"Green star polyps" (3 species) Candy-stripe pistol (3x Alpheus randalii)
"Yellow toadstools" "Scarlet 'reef' hermit"
"Green leather" "Purple hermit"
Green-blue ricordea (Ricordea floridae) Nassarius snails (roughly 2 dozen)
Orange-brown ricordea (Ricordea floridae) Cerith snails (about a dozen)
several mushrooms Fighting conch (Strombus atlas)
several random "SPS" encrusters Queen conch (Strombus gigas)
Nerite snails (3)

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